Redondo Beach Real Estate

Rendondo Beach, California has long been a choice destination for premier coastal living. As a highly desirable luxury community, Redondo Beach Real Estate has been praised as a full service resort community that is less than 23 miles from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Not only does the area provide its own public works depart and police and fire services, but it is also an attractive recreation and commercial port. The area is enriched with a variety of great programs and facilities that cater to both visitors and owners of Redondo Beach Homes for Sale. From senior and family services to historical museums and performing art facilities, Rendondo Beach, California provides everything for the luxury homeowner.


Redondo Beach Homes for Sale is surrounded by a strong community and recreational infrastructure that began in 1542. The city has seen steady growth in recent years, and much of the area's economy is based off of retail employment and commercial trading. The area is home to Heritage Court and the Morrell House that provides a historical glimpse into the detailed Queen Anne and Victorian architecture that makes the area one of the most beautiful places to live. The area provides housing assistance and transit services, as well as private harbor ports and sports fishing fleets. The community is less than five miles from the Torrance Airport and less than nine miles from the Los Angeles International Airport. Redondo Beach has an extensive chamber of commerce and businesses travels and locals utilize the beautiful Veteran's Park Community Center as a gorgeous meeting facility.